Who's in the Pews?

Sales Account Manager - Hope Media Sydney

Winners of the People's Choice Award for 2022

Honouring our 2022 Legacy Award Winners

The Daniels Family - Winners of the 2022 Legacy Award

Legacy Award for The Arts - David Holmes

Gary ‘Tex’ Houston - Winner of 2022 Legacy Award

Speak out. Take a risk.

The Unexpected: An Inspiring New Devotional

$1M Goal for Australia’s Largest Coast-to-Coast Cycling Fundraiser

2022 Awards Winners Announced

Spiritual Conversations - Will You Take Up the September Challenge?

VOICE Winner to Perform at CONNECT22

News Journalist Cadetship - Vision Christian Media

David Tensen, Poet - 'My Kind of Way'

National Promotions Coordinator - Vision Christian Media

2022 Awards Finalists Announced

Current Industry Jobs

News Reader / Writer - Vision Christian Media

Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator - Bible League

Trends in the Future of Culture

Marketing Trainee - Bible League Sydney

Child Hunger Increased by 500%

New Men's Ministry Show - Momentum

We Are Accredited!

Get Ready for Miracles Day

On Demand: CONNECT21

Freelance Community - Story Strategist

To Change the World, We May Have to Change our Beliefs

The Role of Beauty and Art in Communicating Truth

WEBINAR: Ideas on a Deadline

"Fake News for the Faithful" - Damascus Dropbear

Reaching 100,000 Gamers With the Gospel

Future Trends in Fundraising: Virtual Reality, QR Codes, Gen Z and more

Clayton Bjelan Appointed CEO of PositiveMedia

The Rules of Engagement are Forever Changing

How Chatbots are Being Used in Faith Conversations

More than 1 in 4 Australians are in Financial Distress

Volunteer for CONNECT22

An Unexpected Departure

Meet the Team

‘No religion’ part of ongoing trend, but not whole story

Watch Faith Runs Deep on GOOD - Sunday Nights

Launching a Print Only Magazine in a Digital Era


Video Creation Doesn’t Need To Be Hard!

Mission to Mars: The Story Behind the Poem

Mission to Mars

The Excellence in Media Awards

The Kingdom Good Coalition

How to Deliver Creative Ideas When You Need Them Most

Education Crisis Due to Impact of COVID-19

Why The Church and Christian Ministries Need Unity

What Do Australian's Think About Jesus and Church?

The Legacy Award

ACCTV Gets Ready For Change

New Video Series Explores Faith Across Australia

Policy and Job Description Portal

WATCH: Unpacking the Latest Listener Engagement Report

WEBINAR: How to Engage with Politicians, and Why It Needs to be a Priority

Community Radio Plus is now LIVE!

Finding Restoration and Renewal

What Do Aussies Believe about Jesus Resurrection?

Christian Charity Recognised for Website Excellence

WEBINAR: Should You Care About the Federal Election?

2022 Research Shows Listening to Christian Radio is Rising

Christian Program to Reach Australian Milestone

First Australian Responders Deployed to Ukraine Field Hospital

WEBINAR: Community Radio Plus App - Pre Launch

Samaritan’s Purse Provides Emergency Relief to Flood Victims

International Women's Day Campaign Against Child Marriage

The World Unites in Prayer – March 4

Over 10.5 Million Shoebox Gifts Collected



Vanessa Perdriau

Involved in Community Radio? Give Your Feedback to Win!

CMAA Diversity Policy

CMAA Privacy Policy

CMAA Complaints Policy

Bible Society's 5th Year of Bibles for Bubs Giveaway

98five Joins WA Statewide Call to Prayer

New Australian Documentary 'The Origin'

Showcasing Music Artists

Afghanistan: Most Dangerous Place for Christians


2021 - Year in Review

Why Are Conspiracy Theories So Powerful?

CONNECT21 Series Webinar: Discerning Conspiracy Theories

Submission into Religious Discrimination Bill 2021

Jarrod Graetz to Step Down as CEO of PositiveMedia

New Releases from Watoto will Bring You Joy this Christmas

Webinar: Unpacking the Social Impact of Christian Radio

Advocacy: 2021 Progress Report

CEO of Rhema Newcastle Announces Retirement

New Era for Australian Christian Leadership

CONGRATULATIONS - To the Winners of the AVID Competition

The End of Questions, The Beginning of Courage

How God’s Ad-Man Overcame Failure and Depression to Fulfil His Calling.

Support for Families Living in Poverty Increases During Pandemic

Director ID - New Requirement for Australian Company Directors

New Advocacy Group: Christians Together for Climate

New Podcast from Hope Media Unearths Buried Aussie History

Legacy Award Winner Releases New Single

Pandemic Causing an Increase in Spiritual Openness Amongst Australians

New Compassion Docuseries Highlights Complexities of Poverty

England's New Prayer Landmark Raises $750,000 in 4 Weeks!

Feed the Hungry Call on Australians to Be Part of the Solution this World Food Day

National Gathering to Pray for Our Australian Youth

CONNECT21 Webinar: It's Art for Media's Sake!

CONNECT21 Series Webinar: Pivots and Disruptors

Honouring our 2020 and 2021 Legacy Award Winners

Jesus the Game Changer Season 3 Launches on New Platform

CONNECT21 Series Webinar: with Journalist and Author - Greg Sheridan

Church Leaders Embrace Australian Future Survey

Modern Day Psalm Birthed From Covid Trauma

Digital Hub Contributor Wins 2021 Book of the Year

2020 / 2021 Awards Winners Announced

World Vision Pledges to Stay in Afghanistan

40th Anniversary of Bible Smuggling Operation

2021 Awards Finalists Announced

2021 Australian Census: Why Marking Down Your Faith is Important

Australian Charities' Historic Alliance For Disaster Relief

CONNECT21 Series Webinar: The New Playbook for Leaders

Alpha Australia Sees Growth in Demand Despite COVID-19

1WAY FM Sees God's Provision at 11th Hour

ACCTV Shares Support Need for the First Time with Viewers

City Bible Forum Exceeds Target!

Hope 103.2 Launches Podcast Collection

CONNECT21 Series WEBINAR: Context is King – The New Rules of Social Media

Understanding the Psyche of the Australian Giver

WEBINAR: Christians Working in Film and TV

Cooke Media Group Win Multiple Telly Awards

CMAA Welcomes New Board Leadership

National Christian Media Research Project Update

8 in 10 Australians More Hopeful About the Future

Excelsia Teaching Courses Available at No Cost

Navigating Cancel Culture as a Not-for-Profit

WEBINAR: Our Social Dilemma

Aussies Seek Answers to Faith Online or Through Those They Trust

Powerful and Remarkable Podcast from Clayton Bjelan

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WEBINAR: Advocacy Starts at Home

National Christian Media Research Project Underway

How CPX Ended Up On ABC’s ‘Media Watch’

Member Webinars

Hillsong’s Ben Field: Who Shapes the Narrative of History?

The CONNECT Media & Arts Conference

The Rise of Faith Based Films, with Rich Peluso and Stu Harris

Digital Resources

Networks & Links

Latest Research

Palm Sunday Attack on Indonesian Church

Aussies Open to Spiritual Conversations

Heroes 2 Smartphone Gaming App Makes Bible Trivia Fun!

WEBINAR: Distracted... Grab Your Listener Before You Lose Them!

Female CEOs Discuss Women in Developing World

New Report finds “Hidden Pandemic” of Human Rights Violations Against Women

Paul Colman Trio's TURN Album Re-Released



Friends Again: Why Facebook Backed Down

Christian Media Impacted by Facebook’s Decision

WEBINAR: Deconstructing Conflict

The Power of Human Connection When Curating an Event

CONNECT21 Tickets

Prayer Requests

WEBINAR: Key Elements to Improved Employee Performance

Church at Home Website

Sector Advocacy Project – Definitions and Frameworks

New Podcast Stamps Out Stigma of Christians Dating Online

Submission to the Senate Inquiry into Media Diversity

CONNECT22 Ticketing Refunds, exchanges and replacements

CAP Supports Petition Opposing Plan to Axe Safe Spending Laws

Joy Has Arrived in Australia

Inquiry into the Impact of COVID-19 on the Arts: Our Submission

WEBINAR: Your Sector Advocacy Project

Disruption, Disillusionment and Diversity: The Future of the Church

New Study Reveals Australians are Spiritually Hungry but Churches Need to Rebuild Trust

A Filmmaker's Need to Create Captures Australian Artists During Lockdown

New Print Magazine Trying to Combat Millennial ‘Scroll Culture’

Welcome to CMAA's New Website

Introduction to Google News Gathering Tools

Nona Jones Q&A

Art of Interviewing - Laura Bennett

Aligning Your People - Geoff Snowden

Social Media for Ministry

Susan Sohn - Knowing Your Audience

Stephen Wilkinson - Get Tech Ready for 2019

Iain Ferguson - Stop Selling and Start Increasing Your Clients

Nathan Brown - Grant Writing 101

Luke Weston - Raising Money On-Air

Phil Cooke - What to Do When Your Calling is Bigger Than Your Day Job

Using Your Current Resources for Effective Fundraising

Turning An Interview Into a Web Story

Tackling Hot Topics with Lyall Mercer from Mercer PR

My Generation and My Legacy to the Australian Story

CMAA Connect 17 Workshop #1 Nils Smith

Knowing Your Numbers, with Susan Sohn

Tracy Johnson & Alan Mason

Lessons we can learn from the Mormons, with Nils Smith

Josh Hawkins, Let's Get Weird

Media & Arts for the Smart Age, with Mal Fletcher

Legacy, Influence and Innovation with Mal Fletcher

Big God Little Me with Rob & Christie Buckingham

Speaking Hope to a Broken World, with Sheridan Voysey

Workshop with Haylie Price

Speaking Hope to a Broken World, with Sheridan Voysey

Maximising Facebook for Fundraising Appeals

Legacy Award - Wes Jay

The CMAA Sector Advocacy Project

Annual Report and Key Policies

Future Delivery of Radio: ACMA

Annual Symposium

CONNECT Women – Supporting Women In Media

A Disciple Making Approach to Evangelism: How to Activate the People in Your Church as Witnesses for Jesus

The Sweet Spot, Part 2 Dr Robi Sondereger

A Film & TV Conversation with Brian Bird & Jason Pamer

Surfing the Wave – How to use Contemporary Culture to Proclaim the Gospel to Today’s Society

The Podcast Take Away, with Brett Farrell

Using Change as an Opportunity for Innovation and Outreach: How City on a Hill Grew Alpha Online

Hope In Crisis, with Rev. Tim Costello

Secular Prophets: How Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais, Jordan Peterson and Jacinda Ardern Help Us Communicate the Gospel

Change Your Story: A Personal Renaissance of Creativity, with Amanda Viviers

The Film Business Beyond COVID-19, a Conversation with Stuart Hazeldine, Erik Lokkesmoe & Stu Harris

COVID-19 and Beyond: A New Dawn for Driving Change Through Digital, with Richenda Vermulen

Leading Communities in Unprecedented Times, with Mark McCrindle

Integrated Fundraising Has Never Been More Vital, with Joshua Crowther & Todd Chatman

Conversations with John Anderson

The Renaissance of Church Giving in the New World, with Joshua Crowther & Trent Dunham

The Sweet Spot - Part 1, Dr Robi Sondereger

A Lawyer, a Publisher and an A&R Guy Walk into a Bar

Viral Content Ecosystems, with Susan Sohn

Creative Musicians and Business Workshop with Jared Haschek and Friends

It's Time to Dream Big All Over Again! with Bob Goff

Off The Map: Why Creativity Matters in Uncharted Territory, with Phil Cooke

This Could Be The Making Of Us! with Sheridan Voysey

New Commitments for a New Renaissance, with Sheridan Voysey

Good Mood Food from The Mediterranean, with Dr Sue Radd

We Are Messengers, Recorded Live in Concert

How to Detox your Brain in 5 Steps, with Dr Caroline Leaf

The Missional Renaissance Before Us, with Ed Stetzer

Equipped for What’s Next - a Conversation with Leading Women in Media and Business, with Kathlene Cooke & Friends

Reinvent: The Moment Is Now! with Phil Cooke & Jai Laga'aia

From Social Media to Social Ministry, with Nona Jones

for King & Country - Recorded Live in Studio

Welcome to CONNECT20 - a new decade, a new dawn, a new Renaissance


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CMAA Continues Call to Prayer

Explosive growth in digital evangelism since COVID-19

2020 Awards Finalists Announced

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