Mike Jeffs on Completing Australia's Largest Cycling Fundraiser

Mike Jeffs on Completing Australia's Largest Cycling Fundraiser

Founder and CEO of GOOD, 70 year old Mike Jeffs recently rode 4,200K across Australia in the Ride for Compassion

On October 19, I completed the toughest physical/mental challenge of my life by completing the 4,200K ride across Australia from Perth to Newcastle in 33 days and what a joy and a relief it was to cross the finish line at Bar Beach where we were met by family and friends and all the Compassion staff.

Read more about the Ride for Compassion here

For me personally it was a one of those life changing/defining moments and an experience I will never forget, and as a result was quite emotional when I finally crossed the finish line with all the other riders.

Mike Jeffs at the finish line

For us as riders we had to suffer a bit of hardship for only a month, but for the children in poverty we rode for, they have to live out their hardship every day of their lives – so my prayer is that our efforts will result in a breaking of the cycle of poverty in their lives and see them have a hope and a future they would otherwise not have!!!!

Our goal for the ride was to raise $1M and as I write I am pleased to report we are getting very close to achieving that objective and as for me I am about $30K away from achieving my personal fundraising goal.

So it is on that note I do want to THANK you all for your support and encouragement – it was like wind in my sails as I was riding, and now that I am home again and the enormity of the undertaking is starting to sink in, I have come to the conclusion that it was both the Cause and the support of so many that provided me with the inspiration to complete what will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.

Lastly, the quote that I shared with you previously has also been a powerful motivation for me:

‘It's not what you achieve in life that counts, rather the legacy you leave.'

Because it is my hope/prayer that the extreme challenge I have just undertaken will leave a legacy in the lives of children that will last for Eternity – so thanks again for being part of my team and seeing children’s lives changed forever as a result.

You can still support Mike's Fundraising efforts here

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