ACCTV Shares Support Need for the First Time with Viewers

ACCTV Shares Support Need for the First Time with Viewers

During June, for the first time ACCTV shared their vision across all channels - resulting in 70% of donations coming from First Time Givers.

ACCTV's vision is an Australia where every family can enjoy watching TV content that doesn't compromise on values and fills hearts not with fear but with faith, hope and love.

Sharing the vision this June was the first time Australians that watch Good TV on the broadcast were aware that ACCTV exists as a viewer-supported channel.

The team collated viewer testimonies from across Australia, including Bret and Tamara, Pastors in Tuncurry who had been using Good TV to engage their church, as well as simply great entertainment to wind down on a Friday night!

Business owners shared their journey of investing in the vision of ACCTV over many years. Also, ministry partners such as Bianca from Common Grace, recounted how partnering with ACCTV to host their annual prayer service enabled over 60 churches and thousands of individuals to log in and watch online, on TV or through our free App.

Sharing these testimonies helped build the vision of seeing ACCTV reach 50,000 more homes in 2021.... because we know good stories that point people to Jesus' love really can change lives.

It was a big and audacious goal! However, the most encouraging sign was that out of all the gifts received over the month, 70% were first-time givers.

The month's highlight was talking to supporters such as Ed, who, in his 50's and has just come to know the love of Christ. Ed explained how he feels inexperienced and sometimes overly zealous in sharing his newfound faith with his family. But, he said, "I realised that I could I have ACCTV playing at home, and my family have been receptive to watching the movies!".

The entire ACCTV team pulled out all stops for this first time effort, and it is with grateful hearts that we all pause and give thanks for His incredible faithfulness toward ACCTV this past financial year.

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