YesHEis Shuts Down its App as Social Media Following Grows

YesHEis Shuts Down its App as Social Media Following Grows

Growth in social media following prompts closure of the yesHEis app.

The Christian evangelism ministry yesHEis has announced it will be shutting down its yesHEis app, in order to better focus on its social media channels.

With a large global online presence, yesHEis is an initiative of Christian Vision (CV), a global Christian non-profit focused on evangelism, especially among young adults.

The yesHEis app, which has operated primarily a resource and connection centre encouraging believers in how to talk about their faith, will be closed as of February 28, 2023.

In a statement on its website, the charity said the way its community connects has changed in recent years:

“Our community is now far more connected with us on social media… We have seen huge growth in the social media space… yesHEis is on more than 50 social media accounts, with a combined 4.5 million people in our community. yesHEis is in countless countries and cities around the world. We want to put our focus in the areas where we can help the most. And if our community is on social media, we want to be there for them… We have so many exciting new opportunities. This requires a fresh focus from our teams around the world.”

To stay in regular contact with supporters, yesHEis is establishing a new email newsletter in place of the app.

Find out more about the changes at yesHEis on their website.

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