What Do Australian's Think About Jesus and Church?

What Do Australian's Think About Jesus and Church?

This free webinar from NCLS Research will help you gain in-depth insights about the perspective of Australians on Jesus and the Christian Church.

Did Jesus exist? What do people think about Jesus and the Church today?

NCLS Research will be presenting a free webinar on Thursday June 9 offering the latest research insights into Australian spirituality, and how that impacts you, your community and the Church's mission.


What Australians really think about Jesus and the Church today
The webinar will be held on Zoom, registrants will receive an email with a link to the event.
DATE: Thursday June 9
TIME: There will be two separate sessions for the webinar at 11am (EST) or 7pm (EST) with live Q&A.



  • which groups of Australians are most open and engaged
  • the difference that factors like age and gender can make
  • what this means for the mission of your congregation and the broader Aussie church.


Dr Ruth Powell, Director, NCLS Research

Dr Ruth Powell is Director of NCLS Research, a research centre that focuses on church vitality and community spirituality and wellbeing. Ruth has worked with NCLS Research since 1991 and became Director in 2007. She also holds a position as Associate Professor and Research Fellow, Public and Contextual Theology Research Centre, Charles Sturt University.

Karl Faase, CEO, Olive Tree Media

Karl Faase is a well-known Australian Christian communicator. He is the CEO of Christian media company Olive Tree Media, host of new Australian documentary series Faith Runs Deep as well as Jesus the Game Changer TV/DVD series. Karl is the presenter of the Daily Nudge radio spots. Karl is also the Board chair for Samaritans Purse and BGEA Australia.

Insights are based on the latest Australian Community Survey (ACS) results run by NCLS Research. The Australian Community Survey compares the attitudes of church attenders and the wider community on a range of social issues, tracks spirituality and religiousness, and evaluates how the Australian community views churches in society.

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