Life FM’s 'Lunchbox Legends' Program Reaches Over 500 Kids in Need

Life FM’s 'Lunchbox Legends' Program Reaches Over 500 Kids in Need

Life FM partners with Adelaide businesses and local charity in their 'Lunchbox Legends Appeal'

More than 500 kids in need in South Australia have received the gift of a new lunchbox, as part of Life FM’s Lunchbox Legends program.

The appeal, which ran for six weeks, saw listeners donating lunchboxes as part of a partnership between Adelaide’s Life FM, and the community group ‘Cos We Care’, who regularly go into South Australian schools with meals for kids in need.

This week the appeal concluded with 513 lunchboxes passed on to ‘Cos We Care’, along with toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by sponsor SA Dental.

Collected Lunchboxes with the team and Max Molar the Plaque Patroller

Howard’s Storage World also got on board to support this year’s appeal.

LifeFM’s promotions manager Aiden Grant said his team was thrilled with the results of the appeal.

“We’re really excited and proud of the efforts from our listeners,” he said. “In a time when the cost of living is getting higher and higher, they have managed to think of others in need which is not always easy!”

Ann Cooper, the founded and co-ordinator of Cos We Care explained the importance of children having their own lunch box.

“They no longer are seen as different in the school yard or as receiving a ‘hand out’,” she said. “By having their own lunch box with their name on it increases their self- esteem”.

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