Tech Startup: 'Charitabl' App Will Change the Way We Give

Tech Startup: 'Charitabl' App Will Change the Way We Give

Former Open Doors CEO Mike Gore has co-founded a new giving app.

After 15 years in the charity sector, former Open Doors Australia CEO, Mike Gore and his co-founder Joce Goto are ready to revolutionise online giving with their tech start-up, Charitabl.

The new app is set to disrupt the Australian charity space by making generosity easier than ever before, giving Australians a one-stop shop where they can choose from over 39,000 charities in one easy swipe.

Charitable giving is strong in Australia with 82% of Aussies giving to charities or not-for-profit organisations.*

The Charitabl. app has a simple goal: to make giving easy. It aims to be the ‘Menulog’ of giving, in response to Australian consumer trends.

It will also serve charities by helping them stay technologically relevant without having to spend large amounts of donor dollars on building individual apps. The aim is to reduce the amount of money wasted on technology by charities, thus increasing the impact of each dollar raised and rebuilding trust with donors.

Charitabl. does not take a commission on donations and is free for charities to use, although it offers a range of premium benefits for subscribed charities.

The platform has already had Clean Up Australia join as a founding partner, and influential faith speakers such as Peter and Laura Toggs have endorsed the app.  

Above: Laura and Peter Toggs endorse the Charitabl. app on Instagram.

Mike Gore explained the story behind the establishment of Charitabl.

“We saw how the charity sector has been plagued by unreliable payment tech and lack of centralisation for years,” he said. “We built Charitabl. because we know how needed it is, and how much of a game changer the app would be for Australian charities.

“The 2020 bushfires showed us one thing: Australians are at their core generous people. But we also saw several issues that led to more people becoming wary and distrusting of how money is spent or where it goes in times of crisis. We wanted to create something that made giving easier, but also helps build the trust back up for the charity sector.”.

Above: Joce Goto and Mike Gore, co-founders of the Charitabl. giving app.

Mike’s own personal story is a testament to the power of kindness.

“I was born in the slums of India, to a woman who didn’t want me. Abandoned on the steps of a hospital, left for dead. I should have been one of the billions living each day forced to fight for survival. But I wasn’t. I was saved by a charitable act and adopted by a family in Australia,” he said.

He described Charitabl. as not just an app, but a “mission”.

“It doesn’t take much to change the life-story of someone you may never meet, helping them feel noticed, recognised, acknowledged, appreciated, valued. I believe that kind of love will change the world,” he said.

Co-founder Joce Goto also had a background in not-for-profit before joining forces with Mike to revolutionise charity giving.

“Coming from the coal face of international emergency relief, it’s hard not to be affected by the real needs in the world,” she said. “I have seen first-hand the difference it makes when donations are readily available.”

Find out more at:, or download the app here.

To learn more, or to arrange an interview, contact

*According to McCrindle Research on Charitable Giving

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