Apply for Membership

Apply for Membership

How to apply for Membership

There are two categories of membership:

Membership - for organisations only.  Membership provides all employees and volunteers of the membership organisation with access to all membership opportunities . Membership also provides the ability to hold director positions and vote as a member of the company.

The Membership Fee Structure is based on turnover with a separate tiered system for broadcast organisations due to additional membership benefits including content from the Digital Hub, the Advocacy Project, tailored Policy and HR services, specific subsidies and scholarships and Research being covered in the cost of membership.

Applications for Organisational Membership can be made by downloading the Application Form and once completed, returning to the CEO of CMAA at

Associate Membership - for individuals. Associate Membership is $80 (ex GST) per year and provides most of the benefits of Full Membership - however Associate Members are ineligible for director positions and cannot vote as members.

Apply for Associate Membership Here:

Purchase Associate Membership

The following is a link to the CMAA Constitution covering details of membership and other important details.  CMAA Constitution

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