Cooke Media Group Win Multiple Telly Awards

Cooke Media Group Win Multiple Telly Awards

Congratulations to the creative team at Cooke Media Group - winning top awards for two projects produced over the last year.

The Telly Awards honour excellence in video and television across all screens, and Cooke Media Group won against major producers and TV networks like HBO, The History Channel, NBC, Fox, Time Warner, BET Networks and Conde Nast.

The team achieved four Silver Telly Awards. The first three of those were for the following one-hour documentary:

“Inexplicable: How Christianity Spread to the Ends of the Earth”

Hosted by Golden Globe nominated actor Dennis Haysbert, TBN Networks brought in six different producers on this 6-episode series and assigned Cooke Media Group to produce Episode 5: “Asia: The Great Wall and Beyond.”

Filmed by the team in India, China, Mongolia, South Korea, and Japan, the one-hour documentary charts the growth of Christianity throughout Asia from the time of the Apostles through today. The episode brought in Silver Telly Awards for:

  • Television Documentary
  • Videography / Cinematography
  • Post Production Editing

You can watch the winning episode and the entire series for free on TBN’s streaming service here.

Phil Cooke

Cooke Media Group also won a Silver Telly Award for their documentary work helping tell the story of The Global Water Center in “Not-For-Profit Category.”

The Global Water Center® serves as the catalyst for a worldwide strategy needed to end the global water crisis and bring well-being to 2.2 billion people. Phil Cooke says, "It was an honour to tell their story and bring home a top award for this documentary showcasing their mission."

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