'The Voice' Winner Tarryn Stokes will Support for KING + COUNTRY

'The Voice' Winner Tarryn Stokes will Support for KING + COUNTRY

Catch Tarryn Stokes supporting for KING+COUNTRY at their Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle or Brisbane shows.

As fans prepare for the arrival of for KING + COUNTRY on Aussie shores, the exciting news has been announced that Tarryn Stokes will be appearing as support act in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Brisbane.


Tarryn has been a working vocalist in the music industry for many years but rose to national prominence when she won the 2023 season of Channel Seven’s The Voice with her incredible vocal prowess.

After singing her way into the show’s finale under the mentorship of Rita Ora, Tarryn took out the grand prize of $100,000 and a record label deal with Universal Music Australia, with her stunning rendition of Celine Dion’s All By Myself.

At the time she described The Voice as “a real journey of confidence”.

Tarryn also teaches, sings Christian worship, writes her own songs and loves to encourage other vocalists, and on The Voice auditions episode, coach Jessica Mauboy spoke of how Tarryn had taught and encouraged her in her own vocal journey.

“I love to sing,” Tarryn says. “I love to put my voice onto different songs and cover songs, and my own originals. I love teaching singing as well. I love to inspire other people and encourage other people in their singing journey, whether it be on a worship team at church or following or pursuing their own artistry. I love to help with technique and also with encouragement and mindset.”

To see Tarryn perform grab your tickets to the for KING + COUNTRY Homecoming Tour for either Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle or Brisbane. Tickets are still available but are selling fast.

Find out more about Tarryn Stokes on Instagram @tarrynstokes.

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