Jesus the Game Changer Season 3 Launches on New Platform

Jesus the Game Changer Season 3 Launches on New Platform

Thirteen brand new episodes were released this week on the recently launched Olive Tree Media Watch+ Platform.

In the first two seasons, host Karl Faase travelled to 14 countries interviewing over 80 faith leaders about the life of Jesus and how His message was spread all over the earth.

Karl Faase - CEO of Olive Tree Media

Titled “One Life at a Time”, Jesus the Game Changer season 3 is different in style and approach to previous series, focusing on the story of one or two guests and sharing in more detail these lives that Jesus has changed. They include Dr Billy Kim from South Korea, Maryam Rostampour and Marziyeh Amirizadeh who were jailed in Iran for distributing Bibles, Hassan John a church leader from Nigeria and Eddie Arthur a Bible translator from the UK.

The purpose-built set, constructed in Sydney, was inspired by the beautiful St Dunstans-in-the-East, in central of London and episodes contain some never-before-seen footage, hosted by Olive Tree Media CEO Karl Faase.

Fasse commented, “The guests on Jesus the Game Changer 3 have been game changers in mission, bible translation, academia, business, church ministry, and caring for the vulnerable. Each guest has an inspiring story of courage, conviction and faith.

Jesus the Game Changer Season 3 launched on September 14th on the brand new Olive Tree Media Watch+ Platform where you can watch, reflect, learn, discuss and share all their great content in the one place.

Faase concludes, “Our hope is that this third season will challenge and inspire viewers that God changes the world ‘one life at a time’. Each episode will encourage viewers as they learn from these incredible people and their remarkable stories.”

The series is available from September 14th at

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About Karl Faase

A well known Australian Christian communicator, Karl is the CEO of Christian media company Olive Tree Media, host of Jesus the Game Changer TV/DVD series and presenter of the Daily Nudge radio spots. Karl is also the Board chair for Samaritans Purse and BGEA Australia.

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