Charitabl. to Feature at SXSW Sydney's Start-Up Village

Charitabl. to Feature at SXSW Sydney's Start-Up Village

Charitabl. has the attention of the movers and shakers in the tech startup world.

The new tech start-up Charitabl., founded by former Open Doors CEO Mike Gore, is among a select list of innovators to be featured at the inaugural SXSW Sydney event this month.

It’s a major win for the company, which aims to change the face of charitable giving.

SXSW Sydney is an extension of the world-famous SXSW conference in Texas, which started in 1987, and highlights some of the most exciting up-and-coming businesses in the tech world. It’s known for hosting some of the world's most influential speakers like Barack Obama, Elon Musk as well as the biggest names in music and film, from Bruce Springsteen to Quentin Tarantino to Lady Gaga.

This year at the Sydney event, Charitabl. – the new app-based donation platform affectionally labelled ‘the UberEats of charitable giving’, will be showcased amongst some of the hottest tech start-ups from the Asia Pacific region in the conference’s ‘Start-up Village’.

Charitabl. is a native app that centralises the not-for-profit sector and gives users a trusted homebase for their giving.

Features include annual giving statements, curated favourite lists, swipe to give, Apple and Google pay options, and commission-free giving.

Charitabl. hosts only charities that are registered and reporting, and it aims to take the confusion out of giving. It also helps users to avoid hassles such as that faced by the celebrity Celeste Barber, whose best intentions to fundraise during the bushfires left her battling in court rather than making a real difference.

Mike Gore, Charitabl. CEO and founder, said that in his work, he realised there was a lack of affordable technology - for both individuals wanting to give, and charities seeking to fundraise.

He founded Charitabl. with the dream that it will become the household name in giving.

“Our hope is that it will operate much like an IGA where we can share the costs of technology across the sector, in so doing reducing the money spent by charities on administration and systems and increasing the amount going to projects.

“We are not interested in being rich and famous. We simply want to make the world a better place by providing systems that facilitate choice, convenience, control, confidence, and community.’”

In a world where users are wanting fast and secure ways of engaging with content, Charitabl. offers a path for the charity sector to become centralised, in a way that will benefit everyone.

Charitabl. is available to download from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

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