'The Afters' Tour: Headed for Australia in June and July

'The Afters' Tour: Headed for Australia in June and July

The Afters are coming back to Australia to play east coast regional centres as part of their 'God Is With Us' tour.

Amid a busy season of music festivals in the USA, much-loved band The Afters will soon be taking a left-hand turn and heading Down Under to add an Aussie leg to their ‘God Is With Us’ 2024 world tour.

Sponsored by Compassion, the tour in June and July will take in regional centres on the east coast including Canberra, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Gympie.

Australia’s own Nathan Tasker will be support act for three of the shows, while Paul Colman will also headline the Toowoomba show.

After six albums, numerous hit singles like Light Up The Sky, Well Done and Moments Like This, over 1 billion career streams and years of touring, The Afters has a solid fan base here in Australia.

The band also has multiple Dove Award wins to their name, as well as song placements on shows like Dancing With The Stars, American Ninja Warrior and American Idol – a testament to their ongoing talent for writing uplifting, hopeful lyrics with melodies that stick.

"God Isn't Afraid of Our Questions"

Creating music from real human experiences has long been a specialty of The Afters, with songs that put words to the deep questions and prayers of the heart.

Their current tour is named after their latest single, God Is With Us, a song that addresses the hard question we all face at some point: ‘Where is God in this situation?’ It’s an anthem of faith and hope for believers in the moments that seem hopeless.

Lead singer, Josh Havens says, "Through all the years that we've toured as a band, we've heard people share their stories of brokenness and loss, and one question that we've heard again and again is, ‘Where is God in this story?’

“I believe that God isn't afraid of our questions. Our loss, our hurt, the hard things we go through...those things are precious to God. And he has promised to be with us in every single moment of our life. He's not going to leave us, he will never forsake us, and that's where we can find the hope we need during our hardest times."

He said the band was excited to be coming back to Australia: “We can’t wait to see all our Aussie friends!”

Aussie Tour Dates

Tour dates for the Australian leg of The Afters tour are:

  • Gold Coast – 29 June – A free show as part of the ‘Look Up Celebration’, an event of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association featuring Will Graham, at the Gold Coast Convention Centre in Broadbeach
  • Canberra – 1 July – ticketed event hosted at Capital Edge Church, with Nathan Tasker as support artist
  • Sunshine Coast – 4 July - ticketed event at Meridan Community Church, with Nathan Tasker as support artist
  • Gympie – 5 July - a free performance as part of the entertainment at the monthly community market, alongside other artists including Aaron Partridge
  • Toowoomba – 6 July – ticketed event at Hume Ridge Church of Christ. Paul Colman will also be headlining, and Nathan Tasker will feature as support artist.

Book your tickets now at https://www.mintix.com.au/event/theafters.

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