Welcoming New CMAA Board Intern, Christina Jeong

Welcoming New CMAA Board Intern, Christina Jeong

Christina Jeong is CMAA's new board intern, under a program designed to build the future of Christian governance.

CMAA is welcoming the arrival of Christina Jeong, as its newest board intern under The Board Internship Program.

Christina lives in Brisbane and works for an organisation that empowers people through employment, health, and education; she loves to share the gospel and to be a source of encouragement and inspiration on the lives of others. Christina will be mentored by CMAA board member Susie Holt.

Christina follows in the footsteps of our first intern, Sayaka Miyashita, who served from September 2022 until late last year. Sayaka attended our board retreat, volunteered at CONNECT22 and contributed to the design for CONNECT23 conference, and was a wonderful contributor to our board gatherings.

Building the Future of Christian Boards

The Board Internship (TBI) is a program that places young Christians aged 22 to 35 in the boardrooms of Christian not-for-profits and Churches for 12 months, during which they receive hands-on experience, mentorship and become part of the host board’s operations.

CMAA has benefitted from the program and values the opportunity to sow into the future of Christian governance.

The program gives interns a chance to gain governance expertise, prepare for future board positions, and positively influence the strategies of Christian organisations. It’s also a chance for older, experienced board members to pass on their wisdom to the next generation.

The Board Internship (TBI) is a joint initiative of CMA (Christian Ministry Advancement Ltd)– and Korus Connect.

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