Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits for organisations who join the Christian Media & Arts as members and individuals who join CMAA as Associate Members.

Benefits amongst others include:

  • Policy Portal and Templates – to assist with workplace policies and Job descriptions.
  • Scheduled Member Communications – so you never miss the latest issues impacting the media and arts sector including grant opportunities, job postings, scholarship and award announcements and more.
  • ‘NEXUS’ - Next Generation Leadership Program - An annual future-leaders development program comprising residential retreats and mentoring.
  • Research: Providing members with up-to-date, real-world benchmarks to propel them toward excellence and accountability.
  • Webinars on a range of topics from experts in media and associated disciplines. See the latest Webinar Topics here
  • Summits + Gatherings - for CEOs, Chairs, Content Directors: Initiating forums to see media sector leaders collaborate and unite in kingdom work.
  • National Calendar of Initiatives and Events - Working with members to give national voice to important causes.
  • Private member only Facebook groups that provide community and on going relationship and community.
  • Mediapoint – an audio delivery platform for content that allows station members to subscribe to a range of content makers. Learn more...
  • National Digital Content Syndication - Producing digital content for Christian media organisations to strengthen their engagement and influence by syndicating free curated, tagged and quality controlled website content. An example of Syndication on sites can be found here
  • Member Social Media Sharable Graphics and images that assist members engage with their audiences on special days during the month.  
  • Representation to ACMA, ACNC, APRA, CBAA on a scheduled meeting basis on behalf of members and the sector.
  • ‘MADE’ Encouraging professional connections among creatives in Media, Arts, Design and Entertainment. Profiling their work, fostering community.
  • Grant Advisory Service - Assisting Members with grant applications.
  • Governance Assistance - Providing best-practice policy and governance templates; as well as legal, constitutional structure, policy and strategic planning.
  • Championing Women in Media through Connect Women initiatives.
  • Strategic Planning Workshops – assisting a number of stations access CBF funding for holding strategic planning workshops.
  • The Excellence in Media Awards – championing the work, innovation and excellence of those individuals and member organisations in the sector.
  • The Annual CONNECT Conference - Fostering excellence, unity and professional development for Christian communicators.
  • The Annual Future of Media Symposium – a facilitated conversation helping members consider the new horizons for media
  • Policy and Advocacy - Advocating for regulatory protections and change in the rapidly changing media environment.


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