Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits to organisations and individuals who join the CMAA community

There are many benefits for organisations who join the Christian Media & Arts as members and individuals who join CMAA as Associate Members.  Benefits amongst others include:

  • Policy Portal and Templates – to assist with workplace policies and Job descriptions.
  • Scheduled Member communications – so you never miss the latest issues impacting the media and arts sector including grant opportunities, job postings, scholarship and award announcements and more.
  • Biannual McCrindle NPS Study – providing members with a benchmarking study  – including graphics and pivot tables.
  • Monthly training webinars on a range of topics from experts in media and associated disciplines. See the latest Webinar Topics here
  • Private member only Facebook groups that provide community and on going relationship and community.
  • Mediapoint – an audio delivery platform for content that allows station members to subscribe to a range of content makers. Learn more...
  • Member Digital Hub –syndicating free curated, tagged and quality controlled website and social media content for members. An example of Syndication on sites can be found here
  • Member Social Media sharable graphics and images that assist members engage with their audiences on special days during the month.  
  • Representation to ACMA, ACNC, APRA, CBAA on a scheduled meeting basis on behalf of members and the sector.
  • Grant Advisory Service. Assisting Members with grant applications.
  • Championing Women in Media through Connect Women initiatives.
  • Strategic planning workshops – assisting a number of stations access CBF funding for holding strategic planning workshops.
  • The Excellence in Media Awards – championing the work, innovation and excellence of those individuals and member organisations in the sector.
  • The annual CONNECT Conference and Scholarships to attend
  • The annual Future of Media Symposium – a facilitated conversation helping members consider the new horizons for media
  • The Sector Advocacy Project – run by CMAA's Executive Officer, Policy and Advocacy in concert with Government Engagement Organisation, BrickfielderGE


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