'World's Greatest Influencer' - Jesus' Impact on Society

'World's Greatest Influencer' -  Jesus' Impact on Society

A new book by Peter Tonna unpacks the many ways Jesus has changed modern society.

For those with a love for apologetics and defending their faith, Peter Tonna’s latest book World’s Greatest Influencer, is for you. It’s also an ideal gift for seekers interested in learning more about the faith.

Peter, the author, is also a poet and songwriter from Sydney. He says that World’s Greatest Influencer is aimed at correcting many misunderstandings about Jesus and Christian faith.

“Many, including those who profess the Christian faith, don’t have a thorough understanding of what Jesus taught on certain issues,” he said. “Many still seem to think that Christianity supports racism, condones slavery and the oppression of women.

“I wrote this book to shed light on the truth about what Jesus taught and delve into the issues that affect our society today as much as it did 2,000 years ago.

“I delve into the not-so-obvious truths that might otherwise be overlooked. I also explain the meaning and context of some of the questionable passages that seem to contradict Jesus’ teachings.

“While Jesus is both divine and human, I focus on Jesus–the man: his human side, appealing to people of all faiths and none.”

The book focuses on the influence and legacy of Jesus’ life and teachings, on topics such as women, slavery, racism, politics, ethics and morality, love, and religion.

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