Spreading the Gospel with the Help of AI? Find Out How...

Spreading the Gospel with the Help of AI? Find Out How...

Hear how the latest technology is being utilised in missions at CV's annual conference.

For a shot of inspiration in the latest tools and technology for spreading the gospel, look no further than ‘Digital Day: Future Now’.

The annual innovation conference, set for Thursday, November 9, is an initiative of Christian Vision (CV), exploring the role of technology in the mission field.

Digital Day: Future Now will be held in London but livestreamed to the world in multiple languages. This year’s event will focus on how AI will shape and amplify the spread of the gospel.

No-one could be better placed than CV to share their expertise in this area, with their goal of introducing a million people to Jesus each day, especially in largely unreached areas. Using a mix of optimised social media advertising, gospel content creation, and both on-the-ground and digital pioneering activities, they are reaching the world every day with the message of hope.

The annual conference is an opportunity to glean some of their expertise and wisdom.

Sessions will delve into Ethical AI, Harnessing Gen-AI, Future-Readiness and more.

CV Managing Director, Heinz Oldewage, said the event is more than just a conference, but a testament to the continuous commitment of CV to adapt, evolve, and employ cutting-edge technology to share the message of Jesus with the world.

“As technology advances, so does the way we work,” he said. “Digital Day showcases how mission and technology converge for a more connected future and an even bigger global evangelical impact.”

Speakers: Visionaries at the Forefront of Mission and Technology

This year’s Digital Day boasts an impressive line-up of speakers, experts in their respective fields. They include:

  • Stuart Cranney - CV's director of innovation, expert in harnessing emerging technologies for greater missional impact.
  • James Poulter - CEO and co-founder of Vixen Labs, specialising in conversational AI strategy.
  • Sherol Chen - AI researcher and engineer working on adaptive generative tools.
  • Mike Bugembe - An award-winning entrepreneur in data, AI, and machine learning.
  • Mal Fletcher - A media/social futurist, commentator, founding national director of Youth Alive Australia, and chair of 2030Plus, a futures forum that offers insights on future change to leaders and organisations.
  • Daniel Whitenack - A PhD-trained data scientist experienced in developing and deploying machine learning models at scale.
  • Gareth Russell - Managing director of Jersey Road PR, a business that gives voice, profile and influence to faith-based organisations across the globe.

Register or find out more at digitalday.cvglobal.co

For media enquiries or an interview request with CV’s Director of Innovation, Stu Cranney, contact Katrice Schomburgk at katriceschomburgk@cvglobal.co.

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