Aly Magat, Events Director

Aly Magat, Events Director

As our Events Director, Aly is kept busy planning and delivering CMAA's events such as CONNECT conference, NEXUS, webinars and leadership gatherings throughout the year.

What drew you to this role at CMAA?

This was a God appointment for me; I had an unexpected conversation with a colleague that opened the door to CMAA. I am able to combine two of my loves, serving Jesus and running events!

What's something unexpected you’ve learnt working in the Christian Media & Arts sector?

I will admit I knew very little about the Christian Media sector before I started with CMAA. Since that time I have learned the power of what the sector does in sharing the gospel in a variety of ways and the positive impact that we collectively have on people's lives. I've been reflecting on how some of my non-Christian friends aspire to live by what we know as the "Fruits of the Spirit", but won't admit that they need Jesus. Now that I'm seeing the stats showing the amount of non-Christians opting for Christian media, I'm realising there's a vast number of people in our nation who are in the same boat: they might not follow Jesus yet, but they still have a real desire to 'do better and be better'. I'm so glad our sector can be a lighthouse to them.

If you could host a podcast, on any topic you like, what would it be about?

Life and travel hacks.

What are you currently reading?

Devotions on the YouVersion Bible app most mornings, and the next book I have lined up to read is Barefoot Investor for Families.

…listening to?

My spotify go-to is Christian R&B and Christian Hip Hop


Young Sheldon with my son and waiting for the new season of Outer Banks to watch with my daughter.

What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

God has called me to bring a Christian music festival to QLD, I don't drink coffee, and I'm the only one out of my four siblings who wasn't born on a war memorial day.

What’s something you still want to tick off your bucket list?

Visiting Iceland and seeing the Aurora Borealis.

Find out more about Aly's work on her Linkedin page.

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