$1,000 Scholarship to Study the Diploma of Governance

$1,000 Scholarship to Study the Diploma of Governance

Available to those who work or volunteer at faith-based organisations, thanks to the Institute of Community Directors.

Throughout Australia, there are many faith-based organisations seeking to improve society, offering homeless people a safe place to sleep, food to the hungry, education and other help to those who need it in many different ways.

The faith-based round of the ICDA scholarships is for those working or volunteering at organisations that work to advance or promote religious or spiritual beliefs and practices, including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism, and their sub-types, as well as other sacred and spiritual belief systems.

Boards of faith-based spiritual organisations such as mosques, synagogues, temples, churches, meeting houses and others are also eligible to apply.

Submissions are now being accepted and close at midnight 31 December 2022 (AEDT).


New dates to study in 2023 have just been released, find out when you can start your studies by clicking here.

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