Digital Hub Contributor Wins 2021 Book of the Year

Digital Hub Contributor Wins 2021 Book of the Year

'Being the Bad Guys' - written by pastor and blogger Stephen McAlpine is the 2021 Australian Christian Book of the Year.

A regular contributor to CMAA's Digital Hub stories, Stephen McAlpine is well known to audiences who read his blogs on station websites across the country.

The SparkLit Awards recognise and encourage excellence in Australian Christian writing and publishing.

At the Sparklit Awards Night held on September 2nd, Stephen was the recipient of the 'Australian Christian Book of the Year' award for 20201 for 'Being the Bad Guys'.

Published by The Good Book Company, Being the Bad Guys challenges Christians to resist the self-absorbed spirit of our age and embrace the unfashionable and radical demands of Jesus.

Rémy Chadwick from Victoria won the 2021 Young Australian Christian Writer Award with his collection of thought-provoking and persuasive essays, Creativity and Faith in Postmodern Australia. Tanya Strydom from QLD received an honourable mention for The Watch Collector.

Megan Southon from regional NSW won the 2021 Australian Christian Teen Writer Award. Her story Daisies in Winter describes an adolescent’s journey from anxiety to trust. Supplementary prizes were presented to Anaya Rajaratnam from NSW and Joel Simmonds from NT.

You can read judges’ comments for all shortlisted and winning works here.

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