How Will AI Impact Your Fundraising?

How Will AI Impact Your Fundraising?

Dunham+Company is hosting one-day seminars to help equip the charitable sector for the future of fundraising.

As artificial intelligence shapes society, many aspects of running an organisation are set to be affected – including our fundraising.

How can you remain committed to the fundamentals of fundraising best practice, while being poised for the future that AI will bring?

Dunham+Company are hosting a series of one-day seminars in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney designed to help fundraisers make the most of AI innovations.

Dunham’s Managing Director in Australia, Amanda McSeveny, said AI was nothing to be fearful of.

“The concept of AI may seem overwhelming, but with the right understanding, tools and guidance, it can be used for immense good,” she said.

Amanda, along with Dunham+Company’s Joshua Crowther and David Hutt, will lead sessions aimed to de-mystify the world of AI and help you leverage its potential.

The morning sessions, The Future Fundraising Landscape: From Donor Confidence to AI, will be tailored for CEOs, managers, and thought leaders. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the current fundraising ecosystem, take a look at the future and explore how to think about AI and its influence on the non-profit sector.

In the afternoons, delegates will be able to apply the research and innovation in practical workshop sessions. You’ll get to discuss the potential of AI, discover opportunities to streamline your operations and increase your impact.

The events will be held in:

  • Melbourne, on Monday, November 27, at City Life Church
  • Brisbane, on Tuesday, November 28, at Vision Christian Media
  • Sydney, on Thursday, November 30, at Alphacrucis in Parramatta

For details and to register, head to

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