NEW BOOK: The Word Becomes Film

NEW BOOK: The Word Becomes Film

Russ Mathews' book debut aims to equip Christians with a new, ground-breaking, tried-and-tested, effective way of telling people about Jesus.

Most of us want to tell our friends about Jesus. But our level of confidence, and our abilities, don't always match that desire. If you're a Christian, you long to share the good news of the Bible with the people in your life. Still, you worry that discussing it may be offensive, leaving you feeling frustrated and guilty. Maybe you aren't sure how to even start.

In our secular, post-Christian world we need a new approach to sharing Jesus, one that's personal, creative, and engaging.

Russ Matthews is best known for his Movie Reviews amongst the CMAA community, and his first novel The Word Becomes Film takes us into a world of film fans and faith conversations.

Russ says The Word Becomes Film is not just a tale of two blokes who bond and mature over the deeper things found on the silver screen, it also aims to guide anyone who is keen to know how the director of everything – God – can be shared via screen entertainment.

It's a parable that provides readers with a powerful tool for evangelism that Russ has been using for the last decade that is simply yet revolutionary: The power of narrative and story through movies.

Greg Clarke (Chairman of City Bible Forum) says, " Russ Matthews shows us (rather than tells us) what happens when you encounter reality through the imagination. Believing that 'the story carries the meaning', this stimulating and creative book is a wonderful way of grasping the power of film for deeper spiritual engagement.

Any Christian who cares genuinely about locating the lost sheep and bringing them home in loving arms—rather than simply ‘doing evangelism’—will be inspired and equipped by Russ’s understanding of the value of stories seen on a screen for shifting people’s attitudes to God, themselves and their future.

The Word Becomes Film makes the evangelism process engaging and accessible for anyone who likes to watch movies.

Find out more and order the book here

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