New Look Logo and Tagline for Newcastle's Rhema 99.7

New Look Logo and Tagline for Newcastle's Rhema 99.7

Ben Kiujian, Rhema CEO, announces station brand refresh.

Rhema 99.7 in Newcastle has announced a fresh new look and feel to their branding, with a re-vamped logo, modern video bumper and a new tagline: 'Speaking Life'.

Rhema’s CEO Ben Kiujian announced the rebrand in a statement on their website, saying that the refreshed look reflects the station’s belief in the power of words.

“Here at Rhema we believe that the words we listen to shape our lives,” says Ben.

“That’s why we are dedicated to being a positive and life-affirming voice, sharing words of hope to create a better future.

“While our convictions and values have never changed, it’s time for a bit of a brand refresh. The world around us is constantly changing and at Rhema, we need to communicate timeless truths in a way that is relevant, inspiring and connects with the people around us. Otherwise, what are we even really communicating?

“So I’m really excited to be rolling out our new look and feel.”

Rhema's refreshed logo

The rebrand also echoes a new focus in the station’s vision and resolve to reach their community for Jesus.

“We’re still the same Rhema Newcastle that you’ve grown to love over the years… But in another way, BIG changes are underway as we re-focus on serving you, our listeners, our churches and thousands of people in our community who don’t know Rhema yet. The words we listen to shape our lives and we want to  deliver hope-filled words that encourage you, help you and move your heart toward Jesus so you can live life to the full.”

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