Dan Coates Brings a Fresh Passion to Gladstone

Dan Coates Brings a Fresh Passion to Gladstone

After two years programming Fresh FM remotely, Dan Coates and family have moved to make Gladstone their home.

91.9 Fresh FM at Gladstone is set for a fresh injection of vision and passion with the arrival of Dan Coates and family making their home in the coastal Queensland town.

Dan has already been programming Fresh FM remotely for the past two years from 99.9 Live FM in Townsville, and recently felt God calling him to move his family south to put boots on the ground so he can be more hands-on with his content managing role.

As well programming the station Dan can be heard presenting the Drive show and the occasional outside broadcast from the local markets.

A Connection That Grew

Dan’s connection to Gladstone began in 2011 when he visited with a YWAM team, and in 2023 he began to sense that his family was being called to make a step of faith and relocate.

“As the partnership with Fresh FM developed it was becoming apparent that someone was going to have to get involved on the ground - I think it was always bubbling away that it might be us,” he said.

“In the lead up to the 2023 EOFY appeal in Gladstone, God put the big question to me, “Would you move?”

He and his wife Tash took time out to pray and explore the idea, and the answer they got from the Lord was “a resounding yes”.

Speaking about his goals for Fresh FM, Dan said the first step was license renewal, and after that, rebuilding the station’s presence.

“We’ve inherited an amazing platform, over 30 years of history and a beautiful building… (but) in recent years the connection to community has waned and we want to see the Christian on-air presence in Gladstone revitalised and expand in influence in the community,” he said.

“By engaging with churches, schools and the broader community we want to increase access to training opportunities for Gladstone youth: radio training, discipleship training, youth outreach programs, interactive school seminars and leadership development pathways.

“We want to reignite the excitement and grow more support, involvement and listenership. Whether that’s volunteering to support the community in a time of need, sponsorship and giving or just changing the radio to 91.9 in all your friends’ cars!”

The station is also developing a community outreach hub which will be a central place for meeting the needs of the community.

“The hub will accommodate volunteers and students assisting them to give of their time and resources to care, connect, serve and build our Gladstone community,” he said.

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