Russ Matthews' New Book A 'Modern Day Pilgrim's Progress'

Russ Matthews' New Book A 'Modern Day Pilgrim's Progress'

Film critic Russ Matthews' new novel is a spiritual journey that pays homage to some classic film genres.

Seasoned film writer Russ Matthews has put pen to paper once again, this time to write a fantasy-spiritual allegory novel titled The Maker’s Quest.

The book, based around a young filmmaker named Cyrus Rover, pays homage to a number of classic film genres including action-adventure, 1930s gangster, fantasy, superhero and science-fiction.

In the story, Cyrus through his relationships and career progression goes on a spiritual journey, in which we see him journey toward the change he needs in his life. It touches on the message of the Bible, and the importance of prayer, for all who are willing to wield it.

Russ has described the book as “a modern-day Pilgrim’s Progress with a dash of Inside Out, Inception, Ready Player One, and While You Were Sleeping added for context” – while author and speaker Al Stuart says it’s “a parable of the spiritual journey we are all on in life.”

For your copy of the book in either Kindle or paperback, head to

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