96Five Dives into ‘The Deep End’ with New Podcast

96Five Dives into ‘The Deep End’ with New Podcast

The latest podcast from 96five tackles the doubts and disappointments of the Christian life.

In a bid to tackle the tougher side of the Christian journey, Brisbane’s 96five has partnered with pastor Dan Sweetman in launching a new podcast, ‘The Deep End’.

Each episode, hosted by Dan, features honest conversations with leaders, professors, musicians and more, who have had the hardest things in life thrown at them but have emerged with a deeper and fuller life.

With the tagline "Faith, Doubt, and the Deep Life", the podcast promises to bring you “the raw stories of deep faith that you don’t often hear on a Sunday morning”.

Episodes will tackle doubt and disappointment, moral failures, suffering, the deconstruction of faith, and the political and divisive nature of religion in today’s pluralistic world.

The podcast aims to answer the question, “what do we do with our doubt?”, and explore the idea that life’s challenges and tragedies can take us closer to God, and a fuller life.

Podcast host and pastor, Dan Sweetman.

Host Dan is the pastor at Lifepoint Church Rothwell and is keen to see people encouraged through life’s tough times: “I think you’ll find it super encouraging to hear raw and honest stories of faith as we discover how to live an authentic and deep life.”

Episodes so far have explored topics such as “When Life Doesn’t Go to Plan”, and “When Doubt Brings Healing”.

The Deep End is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. You can also listen on the web.

To find more offerings from 96five studios, head to the 96five podcast page.

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