New Podcast from Hope Media Unearths Buried Aussie History

New Podcast from Hope Media Unearths Buried Aussie History

Australia’s Invisible History tells the stories of inspiring Aussies from days gone by. Many of these remarkable Australians have been forgotten, buried in the sands of time.

Meet The Aussie Heroes You’ve Never Heard Of

Meg McKay was bush nurse who travelled all over outback Queensland, camping in a swag and cooking over an open fire to bring healthcare to remote bush people.

Hester Hornbrook founded Melbourne’s pop-up ragged-school network for destitute kids.

RBS Hammond, who worked in inner-city Sydney, was known as the ‘Mender of Broken Men!’ He was a big influence on Arthur Stace, the man who wrote Eternity all over Sydney.

Hope 103.2 broadcaster Katrina Roe is joined by her father-in-law Dr Paul Roe, The Outback Historian, for a historical adventure from one end of Australia to the other over 10 extraordinary episodes!

Each 10 minute episode of 'Australia's Invisible History:
- Tells the stories of forgotten, invisible heroes
- Focuses on those who helped marginalised, invisible people and
- Reveals the invisible hand of God at work in our nation

How well do you know Australia’s History?

In recent times, we’ve all been sold the idea that we are the sole authors of our own story. In reality, we’re the product of a thousand stories that have shaped and coloured the places we inhabit,” Dr Paul Roe explains.

Having plunged into Australia’s history over a lifetime I’ve discovered that some of our best and most important stories have Jesus’ fingerprints all over them. Fewer people than ever have an inkling of how much they owe him and I want to inspire them to find out why he remains the most influential figure in our history.

The first season of Australia's Invisible History includes:

  • John Gribble – ‘the Blackfellow’s friend’
  • Bill Ferguson – Aboriginal human rights campaigner
  • The Angels of Augustus – adventurous outback nurses
  • RBS Hammond – ‘Mender of Broken Men’
  • John Flynn – Royal Flying Doctors Founder
  • Hester Hornbrook – Melbourne’s ragged school founder

They are all amazing, inspiring people, but I love the story of John Flynn,” Katrina says. “People assume the founder of the Flying Doctors was a medical doctor, but actually he was a Presbyterian minister, and he founded the Australian Inland Mission because he was heartbroken by stories of hardship from the inland.”


Katrina Roe and Dr Paul Roe are available for interview: contact Katrina


There is no doubt Christians have done harm in history and today. The media will often remind us of this fact, and honest believers should not hide from it. But Australia’s Invisible History reminds us there are also beautiful stories to tell about ordinary Christians doing extraordinary things for the good of their fellow Aussies and the glory of God. Highly recommended!
John Dickson - historian, author, and founder of Undeceptions

Australia’s Invisible History is a brilliant podcast, uncovering the stories of influential people in our country’s history. It is so important to hear these stories of Australian heroes, pioneers, and visionaries, and understand how their Christian faith inspired them in their work. There is such a need for us to learn the deep-rooted history of faith in our country, and this podcast is a great listen to make these stories visible again.
Mark McCrindle, social researcher, McCrindle

Here is history with heart: Paul Roe, ‘The Outback Historian’ is so easy to listen to, but not easy to forget. This first story in the series ‘Australia’s Invisible History’ packs such a punch that one longs for the second. The point in story one is that we Aussies have made Ned Kelly our hero, but the one who stood up to him and for our Indigenous brothers and sisters, John Gribble, we have allowed to disappear. Paul Roe challenges us to stop being so derelict and to get real in the interests of a much better Australia.”
Professor Stuart Piggin, historian and co-author of Attending to the National Soul: Evangelical Christians in Australian History 1914-2014, The Fountain of Public Prosperity: Evangelical Christians in Australian History 1740-1914

One of the enduring errors of contemporary Australia is that we don’t know our history and we have forgotten the greats. This is just as true of the Australian Christian church. Our history is full of people who were changed by Jesus and they have deeply influenced our nation. I want to commend the new podcast Australia’s Invisible History because it helps to redress this imbalance. Katrina Roe and Australia’s outback historian Dr Paul Roe will introduce you to the greats of faith in our history that you may never have heard of. This podcast will enrich your life and inspire your faith.
Karl Faase, CEO Olive Tree Media

It is so important with the rapidly changing demographics of modern Australia that we engage with our true history. As a nation we have made many mistakes but also many outstanding triumphs against adversity. Your invisible history project is both timely and immensely valuable to reveal a past that we must understand in order to continue our journey to a better and more unified Australia. I wish you every success.”
Brad Baker, freelance museum exhibition consultant, Head of Exhibition Development and Design, Powerhouse Museum Sydney 1983-2013, Head of Exhibitions and Events, Museum of Australian Democracy 2015-2018

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