Sonshine Steps into New Era of Podcasting

Sonshine Steps into New Era of Podcasting

It's a new era for Sonshine FM as they launch their first homegrown podcasts, produced in-house.

Sonshine FM in Perth has entered the world of podcast production releasing its first exclusive podcasts, What’s Up Doc? and ­Sandgropers.

For those who love to soak up the latest health info, What’s Up Doc? is your pick. It’s a health-focused podcast hosted by Sonshine presenter and producer Leah Tindale, and Dr Stuart Arbuckle, a passionate GP from Scotland.

Each season will tackle a different topic related to health and wellness, starting with a deep dive into mental health in Season 1. The five episodes will explore the most common mental health conditions, how they are diagnosed, treatment options and advice for carers.

Sandgropers introduces listeners to the diverse and vibrant community of Western Australia, sharing the stories and experiences of everyday West Australians, from artists to entrepreneurs, athletes to activists.

In each interview you’ll hear about the guests’ passions and challenges, and uncover some of the state’s hidden gems.

'Sandgropers' host Leah Tindale with guest Cameron Taylor.

The launch of the podcasts is a strategic move by Sonshine to become more competitive in the broadcast space.

The community-based approach to their work is something that sets the media company apart from the bigger radio stations and producer Leah believes podcasts have a unique way of creating new communities and helping people feel more connected.

“We do connection really well”, she said. “Commercial stations and media companies miss out on that macro real connection and stories that people are craving.

“The beauty of Sonshine is we can tap into that personal connection and cultivate new podcast communities, this is unique to podcasting and something we have been good at for a long time.”

Catch What’s Up Doc? and Sandgropers wherever you get your podcasts.

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