Tom Glynn's Book Now Available as FREE Download

Tom Glynn's Book Now Available as FREE Download

‘God’s Ad-Man’ is Tom's story of success and failure, commitment, and hope.

Tom began working in advertising at age 16 as a junior in a small Sydney agency, gaining valuable skills, and by age 23 had opportunities to work in Singapore and London.

He became a follower of Jesus at age 21 which eventually led to him opening his own agency with a focus on social welfare and fundraising - providing strategic and creative services for a wide range of Christian organisations, along with significant commercial clients.

If working in advertising agencies is tough, being a Christian in advertising agencies is even tougher.

Tom's book 'God's Ad Man' shares the story of his career and personal journey through burnout and depression, and helps guide the reader through pressing issues such as communicating your faith in hostile environments, better understanding and support for mental health issues and how to reconcile your faith with your career.

Tom is offering his book for FREE as a downloadable PDF copy as he says, "I believe many individuals, charities, Christian schools and Christian organisations will enjoy and benefit from reading about my experiences working in international advertising agencies and coping with clinical depression. Therefore I offer a free download of the book."

Author and Social Researcher Hugh Mackay strongly endorses the book by saying, "Unusually frank and open, God’s Ad-Man is a testament to the determination, the resilience, and the faith of its author, Tom Glynn... This is a book to encourage, and even inspire, its readers – particularly those struggling with their own doubts and demons."

Read more reviews and get your free copy here

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