Do You Write? We Want to Partner With You!

Do You Write? We Want to Partner With You!

The CMAA Digital Content Hub is on the hunt for writers on lifestyle topics who want to reach a bigger audience.

Imagine a virtual Christian lifestyle magazine, being updated with fresh content every week and distributed online via every Christian radio and TV station in the country.

Now imagine that ‘magazine’ had a space with YOUR name on it, just waiting for your fabulous writing on lifestyle and professional topics!

Well, imagine no longer.

Because the CMAA Digital Syndication Content Hub is on the hunt for new contributors, to help provide our Christian radio and TV stations around the country with quality web content. Note that this is not paid work; rather an opportunity to set up an agreement where we syndicate existing written content onto our digital hub.

The ‘hub’ is a service we provide to our member stations, keeping them supplied every week with fresh magazine-style content for their websites, which they share on their socials, and talk about on air. To source the content, we partner with Christian writers who are looking to have their posts distributed to a wider audience.

Some of our popular contributors include future thinker and leadership writer Michael McQueen, social researcher Mark McCrindle, food writer Susan Joy, movie reviewer Russ Matthews, adolescent psychologist Collett Smart, finance writer Alex Cook, and faith writers such as Sheridan Voysey, Stephen McAlpine, Brian Harris and Sam Chan.

Seeking Writers on Lifestyle & Professional Topics

We are now in need of new writers and bloggers on lifestyle topics – such as food, home, family, parenting, relationships, pets, travel, entertainment, education, employment, business, finance, health and psychology. Perhaps you're a blogger, or maybe you write professional articles for your work's blog site - and you just know your boss would love to reach more people!  

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

Check out our CMAA Digital Hub website to find out more about the CMAA Digital Hub and how it works.

To sign up as a contributor, head to our registration page.

If you have questions, email

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