ACCTV Gets Ready For Change

ACCTV Gets Ready For Change

For many years, ACCTV has been ‘the home of good TV’ with the tagline #welovegoodTV. Soon they will change it for GOOD.

The team at the Australian Christian Channel have been working on transforming ACCTV into a television and streaming platform that will be even more relevant and accessible to Australians. They have announced that from June 2022, ACCTV will simply become: GOOD.

For over two decades, God has led and grown the vision of ACCTV – to reach Australia for Christ. After celebrating 20 years on the air it was time to reassess the vision for the next 20 years, to reimagine and develop a fresh strategy for the future.

Part of the new strategic plan to see more kingdom impact began to form, it became clear a new brand was needed to reflect the essence of what ACCTV is about, yet at the same time be relevant to all Australians – with a name and relevance, a wider audience could readily identify with.

For many years now, ACCTV has been ‘the home of good TV’ with its tagline #welovegoodTV.  They found the obvious answer for the new name staring them right in the face!

Founder and CEO Mike Jeffs explained, "It is now 23 years since the Australian Christian Channel went to air for the first time – and all that time, given what has transpired in the past two years, has simply been foundational for this moment as we launch GOOD into the mainstream media marketplace."

GOOD will be a unique choice in broadcast and Video on Demand entertainment for those who want to watch positive entertainment that makes them feel good and is a positive presence in their home.

GOOD is entertainment that makes you feel good.

For millions looking for entertainment that makes them feel great, inspires them, and fills their home with content they can trust, GOOD will provide a compelling viewing option - for FREE.

Unlike commercial entertainment providers, who only offer video-on-demand content through a paid subscription model, GOOD is driven by the missional objective to “Reach Australia for Christ”.

And that’s why GOOD will be available to everyone for FREE – because research shows it opens the way for the Good News to be even more accessible.  So that as Australians choose to watch GOOD, they will also have the opportunity to choose Jesus!!

"As this exciting new season of media mission unfolds, the entire team and I are praying with immense hope and desire that GOOD will be a reflection of the heart of God to our Nation," said Mike Jeffs


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