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“By providing leadership and unity of Christians in media and the arts, CMAA  works tirelessly to promote the name of Christ above all else. I hope you will support the work of CMAA so that Australians can hear the greatest news of all.” - Will. Graham, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

“CMAA is an important resource for regional stations, providing information and regular updates, as well as helping us deliver a better quality of radio.” – Life FM Bendigo

"CMAA is enabling us to grow a movement of the heart, enabling Australians to live out their faith by reaching out to those who are amongst the most vulnerable in our world. This unique partnership is built on shared faith and mission and demonstrates we can do so much more when we work together."  - Jane Edge, CEO of CBM

“CMAA has played an important part in the journey of the Australian Christian Channel. The connection with content producers through SPARC and like-minded Media and Ministry Partners, is exciting and represents a significant positive direction for CMAA.” - Mike Jeffs - Founder, The Australian Christian Channel

“We support CMAA because it is a unifying force amongst a diverse group of Christian media communicators and artists. As the dark clouds of cultural change gather, the need for strong, confident and unified Christian voices is increasing. This makes the work of CMAA even more critical.” – Phil Cooke, Cooke Media Group, USA

To find out more about the benefits of membership and being part of the CMAA Community - visit our membership page.

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