Community Radio Plus is now LIVE!

Community Radio Plus is now LIVE!

For the first time, community radio stations have a dedicated app for listeners to find them easily through their phones.

The CBAA have just launched their Community Radio PLUS app - delivering 300 community radio stations to listeners across Australia - simply on their mobile devices. It provides easy access to community radio’s best content – where people can listen live, access hourly news bulletins, or discover a new podcast.

Not only can listeners stream stations and podcasts from their phone, iPad, or laptop, but also from Amazon Alexa and Sonos smart speakers.

If your station doesn't currently have an app, or a way for listeners to access your station on their phones - then this is your answer! CBAA have all the information you need to start promoting the app and getting your listeners taking you wherever they go.

More features will be rolled out soon, where listeners will be able to access their favourite station through Google Nest devices, and in the car via Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

Learn more about how the app was created, and what it means for your station in this CBAA Webinar

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