Grow Your Audiences, Donations and Revenue - With the Community Radio Plus App

Grow Your Audiences, Donations and Revenue - With the Community Radio Plus App

Community Radio Plus is free and offers a host of powerful features.

Community radio stations of all sizes can now build deeper listener engagement, receive donations, promote their podcasts and even send listen-reminders to their audiences, all via the free Community Radio Plus app.

The app is a one-stop-shop allowing listeners to browse the rich diversity of Australian radio, by making community stations accessible on Android and Apple phones, Amazon Alexa devices, in vehicles with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and on Sonos devices.

A Host of Amazing Features

The list of functions and features available in the app is growing all the time, with one of the latest being ‘Record A Message’ – allowing listeners to send their favourite presenters a 30-second audio message or song request at the touch of a button.

Coming soon will be a revenue-generation feature, whereby banner ads can be displayed on your station screen, via your Google Ad Manager account.

With the help of Community Radio Plus, new listeners are also coming across stations they haven’t heard before thanks to the app’s geolocation ability. This means that when a user opens the app, it automatically shows them local stations first, anywhere in Australia; a particularly helpful offering for travellers on the road.

Geolocation means listeners can find new community radio stations when they travel.

For stations that publish news and articles on their websites, Community Radio Plus offers the ability to promote stories on the app, via an RSS Feed URL.

Radio stations are being encouraged to make better use of the app by submitting their studio contact details, their website and social pages, their podcast offerings; and by connecting their scheduling and automation systems - so that listeners can browse your programs and view song info.

If your station is already using platforms such as MetaRadio or Amrap Pages you have a head start, as these can be easily connected in the Community Radio Plus back end.

The Community Radio Plus app is an initiative of the Community Broadcasting Association Australia (CBAA), and is free to all community stations, whether they are CBAA members or not. It is government-funded through the Community Broadcasting Foundation, and is of major benefit particularly to smaller stations that don’t have the means to build their own dedicated app.

Learn More

Find out more about the features of Community Radio Plus and how to use it to promote your station, on the CBAA website, by emailing or by phoning CBAA’s Online Services on 02 9318 9618.

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