Another Legendary Year for Life FM's Lunch Boxes

Another Legendary Year for Life FM's Lunch Boxes

Now in it's third year, Life FM has collected over 500 Lunchboxes for Adelaide kids in need.

More than 500 kids in need in South Australia have received the gift of a new lunch box, as part of Life FM’s Lunch Box Legends program.

The appeal saw listeners donating lunch boxes as part of a partnership between Adelaide’s Life FM, and local community group ‘Cos We Care’, who regularly go into South Australian schools with meals for kids in need.

In this cost of living crisis, the return to school has put additional pressure on parents who are needing to buy uniforms, stationery, books and more. The finances can be so tight, that for many children they miss out on things like a lunch box, or even food during the school day.

Before the Lunch Box Legends program, 'Cos We Care' provided school kids with food hand outs, but without a lunch box container the kids appeared different and it created a negative stigma. By providing lunch boxes, Life FM's project has worked toward giving these kids dignity, equality, and self-esteem by having their lunch box filled each weekday with a delicious healthy meal to fuel the child’s mental and physical growth.

By the end of the appeal, 533 lunch boxes had been donated and given to ‘Cos We Care’, along with toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by Life FM's generous sponsor - SA Dental.

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