Australia's First Ever 'Kids Only' Christian Audio Channel

Australia's First Ever 'Kids Only' Christian Audio Channel

Vision Kids is Australia's first-ever Christian digital audio channel dedicated to children.

In an Australian first, Vision Christian Media has announced the launch of ‘Vision Kids’ – a digital audio channel dedicated to children 12 years and under.

Streaming kids’ contain 24/7 across all Vision’s platforms, the channel will feature gospel-focused music and programming aimed to both entertain and educate.

The announcement adds to Vision’s long history of pioneering media content that shares the Christian message for every Australian.

Programming on Vision Kids will include radio dramas such as Adventures in Odyssey, and The Lamplighter Theatre; music from local Christian artists such as Colin Buchanan, Dan Warlow and Sean W. Smith, alongside the best of international kids music including Veggie Tales, Worship Jamz, Rend Kids Co and many more.

Vision CEO Phil Edwards said he was excited to see the initiative take flight.

“As a father and now also a grandfather myself, this brand-new initiative to plant seeds of faith and cultivate young minds with the transformative power of God’s love, really warms my heart,” he said.

With 24/7 access to child-centric content, parents can now have peace of mind about what their children are listening to.

Vision Kids is available through the free Vision Christian Media app or at

For updates, radio news, and other special announcements, you can sign up to the Vision Kids mailing list.

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