Rhema Newcastle Launches Podcast, ‘Life on God’s Terms’

Rhema Newcastle Launches Podcast, ‘Life on God’s Terms’

'Life on God’s Terms' is the latest in Rhema Newcastle’s podcast offerings.

Life’s better when you go about it ‘on God’s terms’ rather than on your own.

That’s the premise of Rhema Newcastle’s brand new podcast, Life on God’s Terms – all about navigating life, career and business with God’s word as your compass.

Dropping on February 19, the podcast is a partnership between Rhema FM Newcastle, and Life on Her Terms Media. It will be hosted by Newcastle resident and Life on Her Terms Media founder Rachel Reva. Rachel has also been hosting the Coffee and Faith series for the past four years on Rhema.

Rachel’s co-hosts will be her two sisters, Wendy Hayes and Leslie Danielle.

Rachel Reva, Wendy Hayes and Leslie Danielle

“We are so honoured to partner with Rhema FM Newcastle and have conversations that will equip men and women of faith to take action, to step out, and do it God’s way,” said Rachel.

“The world will tell you what success looks like. But we know that any achievement in life without God is pointless. This podcast is about stepping into who God has created you to be, and learning simple and practical strategies that will help you take action, succeed with authenticity and most importantly - to live joyfully.

“I’ll be joined by my sister co-hosts, my mother, and people who have experienced success in different areas of life and business who have inspiring stories and Biblical truths to share.”

Podcast segments will include:

  • Coffee and Faith Conversations: From: Biblical Boundaries to Joyful Suffering, join Rachel and a special guest where they tackle a Faith topic with authenticity and spiritual curiosity.
  • Life Lessons from Movies: Because we believe God speaks through all mediums, join Rachel and her sisters as they share some random and somewhat faith-based insight from vintage, 80’s and upcoming films.

‘Life on God’s Terms’ is the second podcast released by the Rhema FM Newcastle podcast studio team.

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