Tech Solutions Help Christians in World’s Most Restricted Nations

Tech Solutions Help Christians in World’s Most Restricted Nations

Open Doors is using clever tech solutions to get the Bible to believers in the hardest-to-reach places.

The Bible is still banned in 52 countries – in some places it’s illegal, and in others it’s highly restricted - leaving millions of believers without access to God’s word.

Getting the Bible to people living in these regions isn’t easy, with hurdles to overcome such as illiteracy, access to electricity, and remoteness.

Despite the challenges though, Open Doors believes that every believer should have access to the word of God – and so they’ve developed a range of innovative methods to distribute the Bible. These include digital Bibles for those with limited literacy levels, and solar-powered audio Bibles for those in areas with limited access to electricity.

These are just some of the initiatives Open Doors is engaged in to support believers in the most restricted parts of the world.

Open Doors Australia New Zealand CEO Adam Holland explained the heart behind the great lengths Open Doors will go to, to get the Word to those who need it most.

“Most of us can’t fathom the challenges our persecuted brothers and sisters face, but the power of the Bible is undeniable,” he said. “It can transform lives, communities, and even entire generations.

“The Bible brings hope to the hopeless and good news to the poor. We believe every Christ follower should have access to a Bible and are working tirelessly to ensure every person who wants to hear the Word of God has access to it, no matter where they live.”

Open Doors is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to serving persecuted Christians, operating since 1955. Learn how to support their Bible Appeal here.

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