Turning Stories into Support: The Key to Effective Fundraising

Turning Stories into Support: The Key to Effective Fundraising

The team at Charitabl say these 3 key details in your fundraising messages will help build a successful outcome.

Are you wondering why some of your most beautifully told stories don’t lead to donations? It’s a very common problem. But it might not be about the amazing  story, but what comes next... The ‘call-to-action’.

We’ve all been moved by beautiful stories and heart-warming emails that paint a vivid picture of the incredible work a charity or organisation does. However, as compelling as these stories are, they can fall short of converting pity into empathy,  or passion into action.

Without a clear call-to-action (CTA), even the most touching story may not lead to  a donation.

As fundraisers, the trust and rapport you build with potential donors (your  listeners) hinges on how clearly you communicate your needs, and how easy you  make it for them to support your cause.

To ensure all your communications build relationships for a purposeful outcome, include these three key details in your CTA:

  1. What do you want me to do?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. How do I do it?

Without just one of these, the CTA becomes confusing.

“You want me to give, and I know how much it costs, but how do I do it?”
“I know what it costs, and I know how to do it, but what is it even for?”
“I know what to do and how to do it, but how much do you want me to give?”

Let's break down how this can look in practice with an entirely fictional example. Imagine you're raising funds for a feeding program in a Syrian refugee camp. You have just told the story of a child named Promise, who faces debilitating hunger  due to an absent father and a refugee mother who has fled civil war. The story is beautiful and compelling.

But don’t stop there. Now you want to invite your donors to give.

A clear and effective CTA following a beautiful story might be:

“Give to our feeding program in Aleppo, Syria, and feed some of the world’s most vulnerable children, like Promise. It costs just $25 to feed a child for a week. You  can give today in just seven seconds. Search Help Syria Charity on the Charitabl.  App, which you can download from the App Store or Google Play today.”

This CTA is simple, clear, and leaves no questions unanswered. It specifies the action you want the donor to take (give to the feeding program), the cost  associated with their donation ($25 to feed a child for a week), and the exact  method to make their contribution (using the Charitabl. App).

By nailing these three elements, you remove the guesswork from donating.  Potential donors immediately understand the impact of their contribution, the cost involved, and the straightforward steps they need to take to help.

This clarity not only encourages donations but also builds trust and strengthens the relationship between the donor and your organisation.

Now it’s your turn. Have a look over your most recent appeals and campaigns – does each piece of communication contain these three elements of a CTA? Are there any elements missing? Ask how you could make it clearer for your donors, so they know how to give to you?

Tune into The Fundraising Podcast by Charitabl. for more tips on how to level up your fundraising and increase your impact. Charitabl. is a tech company that provides affordable solutions to charities and non-profits.

The Charitabl Agency is a fundraising and marketing agency that helps charities  raise more money for their causes. To get in touch, send us an email: info@charitabl.org.

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