WEBINAR: Ideas on a Deadline

WEBINAR: Ideas on a Deadline

Watch as Phil Cooke helps you learn how to be creative when the clock is ticking.

Do you have to deliver breakthrough ideas on a schedule? Then this is the Webinar for you!

One of the most destructive myths about creativity is the idea that we need to wait for inspiration. But as artist Chuck Close said, “Inspiration is for amateurs—the rest of us just show up and get to work.” But how do we make that happen?

Whether you’re a creative professional like a designer, writer, musician, or filmmaker, or an executive, engineer, teacher or salesperson, this session will teach you how to “prime the pump” of your creativity, overcome the blocks, and deliver great ideas when you need them the most.


Phil Cooke, PhD - Co-founder and CEO of Cooke Media Group and The Influence Lab.

Phil has produced media programming in nearly 70 countries and created many of the most influential inspirational TV programs in history, with a client list that includes Hollywood studios, major nonprofits and many of the most respected faith-based organizations in the world.

He’s written 12 books as well as hundreds of magazine articles, TV program and commercial scripts, and a highly respected blog at philcooke.com.

He’s a member of The Producer’s Guild of America and The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He’s been called “one of the most innovative communicators of our generation.”

Who Should Watch:

  • Media & Communication Professionals
  • Writers
  • Designers & Artists
  • Filmmakers
  • Audio, Digital and Video Producers
  • Teachers & Pastors

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