The Unexpected: An Inspiring New Devotional

The Unexpected: An Inspiring New Devotional

New book by former sporting champion Iona Rossely draws upon real-life experiences to empower and strengthen faith

This new release is a continuation of her compelling story from artist to speed skier, to endurance horse racer to author, as outlined in her previous autobiographical book, Racing on Empty (2020). Walking us through a series of her personal experiences as Covid-19 hit the world, Iona’s devotional offers a roadmap for how to live with uncertainty by handing our tomorrows to God.

Finding herself separated from her husband by lockdown regulations for nearly a year, Iona stayed on their farm located near Chillingham in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, an experience that inspired her to write The Unexpected. Their farm is also host to a unique gathering called Prayer, Praise and Pecan, a one-of-a-kind outdoor farm church, where she has witnessed many incredible stories, which she weaves into The Unexpected.

In Racing on Empty, Iona shares her story which began in the high-octane world of competitive skiing. Iona excelled first as a ski instructor and then as a representative for Great Britain in speed skiing, securing the titles of 1986 Ladies British Overseas Champion and New Zealand Ladies Champion. A remarkable recovery from a life-threatening fall at 160kmph while speed skiing led Iona into a brief encounter with Jesus, but it was only when she hit rock bottom years later as a member of the Irish equestrian team that she truly surrendered her life to God.

Reflecting on her new devotional, Iona says, “My aim with this devotional guide is to help readers know that whatever the world throws at them, God has them firmly under His protection.

Walking a supernatural life during turmoil is possible, when we trust in God, a path I am always learning. When you hand Him control of your life, your journey takes on a new and exciting turn – don’t miss out on what God has planned for you. I hope this book will relate to many who may be asking the same questions.

The Unexpected is available to order from all good bookshops and online stores.

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About Iona Rossely

Iona is an artist, speaker and avid animal lover with a passion for sharing her testimony on how God gave her a new life – one of freedom, peace and joy. Her great passion is running Prayer, Praise and Pecan outdoor farm church.

Prior to writing her book, published by Malcolm Down & Sarah Grace Publishing, Iona was the Coordinator of the Global Sustainability Network (GSN), an inter faith led organisation relating to anti-slavery and the United Nations Sustainability Development Goal 8.

She has organised high profile events at Lambeth Palace, the Vatican, Westminster Abbey and most recently the United Nations New York.  Iona has previously worked in public relations and communications, which led her into photojournalism and working for Dubai’s Central Military Command and other international organisations/publications.

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