'Unsung Hero' Set for May 30 Release in Australia and NZ

'Unsung Hero' Set for May 30 Release in Australia and NZ

Timing perfectly with their upcoming tour, the much anticipated Smallbone family film is set to hit local cinemas May 30.

for KING + COUNTRY: Homecoming Tour in May
After 5 years since they’ve been home, Joel and Luke Smallbone will visit 10 major cities across Australia and New Zealand!

You know Rebecca St. James... you know her brothers Luke and Joel Smallbone, of For King & Country Fame... but do you know the mum and dad who brought them to life?

Unsung Hero is a much-anticipated feature film, produced and directed by the Smallbone brothers, that tells the inspirational story of the music industry family and how it all began.

The film is set to hit cinemas around Australia and New Zealand from May 30, in tandem with For King & Country’s ‘Homecoming tour’ – which is already a sellout in many venues.

Starting in Australia, Unsung Hero follows the Smallbones’ parents, David and Helen, as they move their family from the Land Down Under to the United States, searching for a new beginning after the collapse of their music touring company.

We see the young family sleeping on the floor and mowing lawns to make ends meet, while they get on their feet – all the way through to the present day, with three of the seven Smallbone children bringing home Grammy awards and working with music industry legends.

The true star of the story is mum-of-seven Helen, whose faith stands against all odds and inspires her husband and children to hold onto theirs.

The film is being released under Kingdom Story Company, the team behind Jesus Revolution, in conjunction with Candace Cameron Bure’s Candy Rock Entertainment.

Joel Smallbone stars in the role of his own father, David, with Daisy Betts as the family matriarch Helen. Joel and Luke Smallbone are the producers along with Joshua Walsh and Justin Tolley, while Joel is also credited as writer and director alongside Richard L. Ramsey.

On social media Joel and Luke Smallbone explained that the inspiration for the movie came in 2020: “It dawned on us about 4 years ago that this story of immigrating from Australia to America & all the adventures & challenges we’ve walked through in between was a story that needed to be told.”

Unsung Hero is distributed in Australia & New Zealand by Crossroad Distributors, and movie release details and locations can be found at www.faithmedia.com.au

Media contacts are Penei Kurene and Bill Biddle on 0413 911 371.

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