“Sometimes, Your Hand Can Be Guided” - Artist David Newman White

“Sometimes, Your Hand Can Be Guided” - Artist David Newman White

Portrait painter David Newman-White describes how the Spirit shows up in his painting.

When artist David Newman-White is working on a portrait, he says that he will sometimes sense the presence of God guiding his hand as he paints.

“My art, I treat it personally as a ministry,” he said.

“I think that sometimes everything that we do, whether we're singing worship or playing an instrument or if we're painting, we're making some sort of connection with [people].

“You are painting as a human from one person to another and translating a story, translating an image, because some people learn more from seeing a picture."

“And I think that we do reach out to God for guidance. Sometimes you can be at a point in a painting and you think, how did I do that? It was an accident. I didn't mean to do it. It was somebody else. I think sometimes you, your hand can actually be guided.”

In this artist profile produced by Zenos Media, David speaks about his art career, his creative process, and how his faith interplays with his creativity.

David Newman-White is one of the many artists and creators in the ‘MADE’ network: an initiative of CMAA bringing together creatives in the Christian community, to foster greater unity, excellence and innovation.

You can check out David’s work on Facebook @davidnewmanwhite, and on Instagram @davidnewmanwhite.

Explore the work of more MADE creatives and artists here and on Instagram at @made_aus.

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