‘Now Playing’ Data Just Got Easier - With New Release of Game-Changing Software

‘Now Playing’ Data Just Got Easier - With New Release of Game-Changing Software

Media Realm's MetaRadio 2.0 release is a metadata solution for radio stations of all shapes and sizes.

Broadcasting live ‘Now Playing’ data to your audience’s digital radios just got a whole lot easier, with the launch of the upgraded software solution, MetaRadio 2.0.

Anthony Eden, founder of the software development company Media Realm, announced the updated version of the breakthrough software, which has been a game changer for many radio stations across both the commercial and community broadcast sectors.

MetaRadio 2.0 is a significant upgrade on its predecessor, and positions the software as a leading solution for metadata management in the radio industry.

The ‘Now Playing’ data that emerged with the advent of digital radio, can now be sent live to a variety of platforms - including RDS RadioText+ encoders, digital radio, WordPress, streaming servers, websites, mobile apps and more.

Anthony explained that MetaRadio 2.0 connects to over 30 different radio automation systems, and over 40 different output systems. It also supports receiving data from unique sources, such as audio fingerprinting providers, and syndication providers – allowing radio stations to continue providing metadata to listeners, even if they don’t have the data available in their local system.

New features of MetaRadio 2.0 include:

  • New web-based configuration app, including a significantly enhanced setup experience, and easier ways to view, manage, and use your metadata.
  • Ability to merge metadata between multiple systems.
  • System scheduling, allowing you to enable/disable inputs at set times during the week.
  • New options to include sponsor/advertiser/promotional messages in between song messages.

Filling a Gap in the Broadcast Tech Landcsape

Above: A Screenshot of some of MetaRadio's input options.

Media Realm first released MetaRadio in 2016, and since then it has been used by hundreds of radio broadcasters in Australia and worldwide.

Anthony, who has already received positive feedback from 2.0’s early adopters explained that he first created the software while working with Hope 103.2 in Sydney.

“MetaRadio was created to fill a gap I noticed,” he said. “Metadata management was often expensive or required custom development. I created MetaRadio to be easy to use and accessible to all stations - no matter their size, technical capabilities or financial resources.

“I’m really proud my software has been adopted by so many broadcasters. I’m also grateful for the continual feedback I get from my colleagues in Christian Radio in Australia, as this helps me continue to develop and refine the product.

“I have had the privilege of working with broadcasters of all sizes – from the smallest narrowcasters and community stations, through to large commercial networks. Their feedback has really driven the development of MetaRadio. I look forward to continuing to develop our products and add new and innovative features.”

MetaRadio 2.0 is a free upgrade for all existing licensees. Radio stations can also take advantage of a free trial.

Special pricing is available for CMAA member stations.

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