Help Shape our Future Leaders

Help Shape our Future Leaders

Your opportunity to make a tax-deductible investment in training the next generation of Christian leaders.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you in 2023, five leaders from small and financially challenged media organisations were able to be part of a unique leadership program this year.

The Next Generation Media Leadership Program (NEXUS) seeks to raise up tomorrow's leaders. The nine-month program provides emerging leaders with the tools and coaching they need to make a significant impact for the future.

Hear testimonies from the 2024 Graduates

A Transformative Journey

You can see for yourself - the graduates in the above video have completed a transformative nine-month journey of residential and online training sessions, monthly coaching with seasoned media leaders, personality assessments, and challenging debriefs.

The journey has been filled with tears, revelations, and remarkable personal and professional growth for each participant.

2024 Nexus Leadership Graduates

Through the Support of People Like You

This opportunity would not have happened without the generous financial assistance of supporters like you! As a result, these leaders have made significant strides in their personal and professional development, directly impacting the organisations they serve.

"NEXUS helped me understand that I wasn't being pushed into leadership; I was a leader all along. This has completely changed my mindset and approach to leadership roles."

Will You Help Develop Future Leaders Today?

Thank you for prayerfully considering giving this June to see leaders developed for the future.

Your tax deductible donation will have a direct and lasting impact, shaping the future of those leading the next generation of Christian communicators through media.

CMAA has been amplifying Gospel Kingdom Impact through Christian Media+Arts for more than 40 years, empowering our members in helping people find and rediscover faith in Jesus.  These training needs are designed to continue that mandate, raising up more frontline missionaries who have the opportunity to speak into the lives of more than 2 million Australians every week.

Together, let's train the next generation.

Give your tax-deductible donation here today

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