The Bible's John 3:16 Unwrapped in New Podcast

The Bible's John 3:16 Unwrapped in New Podcast

New podcast explores one of the Bible's most famous verses.

Following the success of its Bible-based podcasts The Lords Prayer and Psalm 23, Hope Media has just released ‘John 3:16’ into the podiverse. It’s an indepth exploration of one of the Bible’s most famous verses, ‘For God so loved the world…’.

Host Ben McEachen, also a presenter on Hope 103.2 Mornings, is joined on the podcast by Reverend Cass Kwakye from Whitley College in Melbourne and Reverend Tom Habib of Moore Theological College in Sydney as they dive into the scriptures. Both are New Testament lecturers who have done serious study of John’s Gospel.

Together they take a look at the conversation between Nicodemus and Jesus in which the well-loved verse appears, as well as the wider context and Old Testament references.

Listeners will learn about the scriptures leading up to John 3:16, a detailed theology of Jesus, belief and eternal life, and how Jesus’ death and resurrection confirms his ‘Son of God’ Messiah status.

The John 3:16 podcast aims to help listeners grow in their faith in Jesus, and what his promise means for our souls.

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