We Are Accredited!

We Are Accredited!

CMAA has CMA Standards Council Accreditation - providing a valuable endorsement for governance, stewardship and accountability.

In May 2021, CMAA was accredited with the CMA Standards Council, and in June June 2022 we were presented in person with the accreditation certificate at the Christian Ministry Advancement Conference.

CMAA Chair - Penny Mulvey receiving our CMA Standards Council Accreditation Certificate

Rare Achievement

CMAA is one of less than 25 organisations accredited to this high standard in Australia and has just been renewed for a further 12 months.

The accreditation demonstrates that the organisation has been carefully assessed against the Nine Principles of Ministry Accountability, and has scored a 100% passing grade.

Making it Easier for Members to Apply for Accreditation

Since accreditation CMAA has taken the over 30 governance policies, checklists, board induction processes and risk matrix part of the accreditation requirement and converted them with the help of legal advice into templates for CMAA members. All the templates are available to full members of CMAA to take, adapt and use for their own best practice governance.

We'd also like to encourage members to consider going through CMA Standards Accreditation themselves - and with the templates available - the process will be a far easier prospect than it would ordinarily be.

The Value of the Accreditation Seal

A distinct advantage of CMA Standards Council accreditation means organisations receive the 'Accreditation' Seal, a sign that donors can give confidently and generously, knowing that the organisation takes governance, accountability and stewardship seriously.

To find out further information, please reach out to CMAA's CEO or visit CMA Standards Council

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