Australian Fundraising Requirements

Australian Fundraising Requirements

A guide for not-for-profits and charities on fundraising compliance in each State and Territory.

If you are conducting fundraising activities, or planning to do so, you need to understand the fundraising requirements for Australia and how they differ by State.

Informative Guide and Downloads by State / Territory

Justice Connect have a very informative guide to help:

Non-profit Fundraising | What you Need to Know About Fundraising Laws
Justice Connect’s Not-for-profit Law has free resources containing everything you need to know about fundraising.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) is the national regulator of charities. The resources on this link will help you to know what issues they should look out for. This includes knowing your obligations as well as getting specific state-based advice.

Do you need a licence to fundraise?

Maybe - it all depends on what State you are in. Click the link on your State or Territory below to discover more.

New South Wales



South Australia

Western Australia


Australian Capital Territory

Northern Territory: The Northern Territory doesn’t have legislation that governs fundraising. As a result, people and organisations don’t need an authority to fundraise for charity in the Northern Territory. General fundraising activities, such as fundraising through doorknock appeals, tin collections and clothing bins don’t require a special permit (although they do in many Australian states).
Exception – community gaming activities

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