From Global to Local Fundraising: Compassion's New Approach in the Philippines

From Global to Local Fundraising: Compassion's New Approach in the Philippines

Compassion is empowering communities in the Philippines to support those living in poverty in their own country.

After 51 years of supporting children in the Philippines, Compassion has officially launched local fundraising operations in the nation itself.

The initiative marks a new approach to the charity’s fundraising: empowering local communities to support those living in poverty in their own country. Funds raised in the Philippines will support Compassion’s project work in the Philippines, empowering Filipinos to help their own neighbours: the 5.6 million low-income households vulnerable to the impacts of disasters and emergencies.

Historically, Compassion has funded all programs through fundraising in wealthier western nations such as Australia, New Zealand, UK and the USA. This new approach is a significant change.

Chief Operations Officer at Compassion Australia Tony Broughton is overseeing the project and said Compassion wants to empower local communities towards self-sufficiency.

“By equipping local fundraising teams, we’re taking important steps towards self-reliance and reducing dependence on external funding sources,” he said. “This means more significant and sustainable impact on breaking the cycle of poverty.”

“The Philippines was identified as a fundraising country because of Compassion’s long history and existing relationships formed over 50 years of serving the most vulnerable children.”

National Director at Compassion Philippines Noel Pabiona said they currently partner with over 450 local partners and are eager to start fundraising for their own programs.

“Our dedicated staff and volunteers are getting ready to invite Filipinos to join Compassion in our mission to release more children from poverty in Jesus' name,” Noel said.

"We have an active base of program graduates, many of whom are excited to contribute to community fundraising activities.”

The Philippines has taken significant steps to rise above poverty in recent years. However, rampant online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC) and frequent natural disasters threaten this progress.

This historic occasion for Compassion was marked with food, singing and celebration at a launch event in Manila, attended by around 200 individuals, including a heart-warming reunion with many Compassion program graduates – the bright and hopeful faces of young people whose lives have been changed.

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