Bible-Based Health Podcast the Latest From 96Five

Bible-Based Health Podcast the Latest From 96Five

Nutritionist David Young presents 96five's latest podcast offering.

Brisbane’s 96.5 has headed in a fresh new direction in podcasts with their latest offering, Kingdom Health.

It’s presented by David Young, a nationally recognised nutritionist and the founder of Young Health, helping busy parents, families and professionals transform their health.

David doesn’t just hand out advice to others; he has transformed his own life through healthy choices, too.

After 10 years working in management roles for Australia’s largest confectionary company, David found himself stressed, overweight and turning to sugar and caffeine for energy hits. It was a toxic mix, and forced him into a place where something had to change.

The adjustments he made to the way he was living over the last 15 years, he now shares in the podcast.

“This podcast has come from my own personal health journey,” David said.  “When I really became passionate about long term optimal health, not just about quick fixes or fad diets… that’s when I really got serious about wanting to help people.

“I love helping busy people, especially parents and professionals. As a parent myself I know the challenges of having a family and the energy that it takes to give it your best as a parent.”

“For professionals, not having the greatest health doesn’t just affect your work life and career, it impacts all areas of your life.”

Fads Don’t Work. We Need A Wholistic Approach

What David discovered as he worked through his health journey was that fad diets and gruelling gym sessions weren’t enough in isolation. Dieting without considering mindset, or workouts without considering nutrition, are often bound to fail.

The podcast Kingdom Health  is set to explore seven key strategies, each serving as a building block on the path to reclaiming long-term health. It will cover topics such as wholesome food, exercise, family meal prep, reducing and managing stress, skin health, and success stories. It will also dive into the wisdom of the Bible.

“The Kingdom Health podcast is a way for me to give back to the community, and I’m really hoping that everyone who listens will benefit by revolutionising their perspective on long term health,” David said.

The entire series of Kingdom Health is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, the 96five Podcast Page or wherever you get your podcasts. It is a production of 96five Studios, executive produced by Justin Rouillon and with audio production and editing assistance by Joe Murray.

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